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Comparing Bloomberg Connections

Datafeed Toolbox™ uses these different Bloomberg® services to connect to Bloomberg interfaces and Bloomberg C++ interfaces. To learn about the connection functions and the data access functionality of each service, see this table.

You need a valid Bloomberg license to work with each Bloomberg service.

Bloomberg Service

Bloomberg Desktop

Bloomberg Server

Bloomberg B-PIPE®

Connection function

blp (Bloomberg interface) or bloomberg (Bloomberg C++ interface)

blpsrv (Bloomberg interface) or bloombergServer (Bloomberg C++ interface)

bpipe (Bloomberg interface) or bloombergBPIPE (Bloomberg C++ interface)

Data access

Applications obtain data from the Bloomberg Data Center by connecting locally to the Bloomberg Communications Server

Applications obtain data from the Bloomberg Data Center using a dedicated process that optimizes network resources

Provides entitled users access to permission data from the Bloomberg Data Center through the Bloomberg Appliance

To manage Bloomberg orders and obtain broker information, you can connect to Bloomberg EMSX using the emsx (Bloomberg interface) or bloombergEMSX (Bloomberg C++ interface) functions.

Each connection function has a different syntax for creating a Bloomberg connection. The connection objects created by running these functions have different properties. For details, see the respective function reference page.

For details about these services, see the Bloomberg API Developer’s Guide using the WAPI <GO> option from the Bloomberg terminal.

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