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Launch DSP System Toolbox data type support table



The showsignalblockdatatypetable function shows a table of characteristics for the DSP System Toolbox™ blocks. The table lists capabilities and limitations of code generation, variable size, and supported data types for each block.

If a cell has an:

  • "X" –– The corresponding block supports the data type or capability indicated by the column heading.

  • "s" or "u" –– The block supports signed or unsigned varieties of that data type, respectively.

  • (#) –– Refer to the numbered footnotes at the bottom of the table window for further details. The (#) is hyperlinked to the footnotes at the bottom.


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The showsignalblockdatatypetable function returns a table of block characteristics for DSP System Toolbox™.

Run the function in the MATLAB® command prompt. The table opens in a separate window.

Loading DSP System Toolbox Library.

Version History

Introduced in R2008b