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Signal Attributes and Indexing

Inspect and modify data and signal attributes and select data subsets

Inspect and modify signal attributes such as sample time, complexity, dimensions, and data type using the signal attributes and conversion blocks in DSP System Toolbox™. You can also select subsets of data and deconstruct signals using the various selector blocks, and modify this data using the Flip and Overwrite Values blocks.


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Check Signal AttributesError when input signal does or does not match selected attributes exactly
Inherit ComplexityChange complexity of input to match reference signal
Data Type ConversionConvert input signal to specified data type
ReshapeChange dimensionality of signal
FlipFlip input vertically or horizontally
Multiport SelectorDistribute arbitrary subsets of input rows or columns to multiple output ports
Overwrite ValuesOverwrite submatrix or subdiagonal of input
SelectorSelect input elements from vector, matrix, or multidimensional signal
Variable SelectorSelect subset of rows or columns from input