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Estimate Power Spectral Density of Chirp

Estimate the Power Spectral Density (PSD) of a chirp signal using the Spectrum Estimator block. Compare the PSD data with a Bluetooth spectral mask and determine if the PSD data complies with the mask.

Open and run the ex_psd_spectralmask model. The input to the Spectrum Estimator block is a chirp signal embedded in Gaussian noise with zero mean and a variance of 0.01. The chirp signal is amplified with a gain factor in the range [0 1]. The Spectral mask is created using the MATLAB Function block. The mask is based on the Bluetooth standard described in [5].

The Spectrum Estimator block estimates the PSD of the chirp. In this example, the PSD data is compared with the spectral mask. The Display block shows a 1 or 0, depending on whether the spectral data is within the mask or not. During simulation, you can change the power in the input signal by moving the slider in the Slider Gain block. Simultaneously, you can view this change in the Array Plot block.

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