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Get the IP Address of Intel SoC Device

You can get the IP address of the Intel® SoC hardware from the MATLAB® Command Window or using the Linux® command line.

With the hardware IP address, you can:

  • Run an executable on a different hardware from the previous one you used.

  • Open a telnet or SSH session with hardware whose IP settings you do not know.

  • Configure the UDP Send block.

If you have multiple Intel SoC platform boards connected to your host computer, disconnect the ones you are not using.

To get the hardware IP address from the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

h = alterasoc();

The hardware replies with information about its IP address, user name, password, build-directory, and COM port. For example:

Setup for Altera SoC hardware is complete...

MATLAB will use following settings to communicate with Altera SoC hardware:
IP Address       :
User name        :root
COM port         :COM8

Alternatively, you can get the COM port number running a Command Line Session with Intel SoC Device.

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