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Class: coder.Dictionary
Namespace: coder

Get property value of Embedded Coder Dictionary with service interface configuration

Since R2023b


value = get(dictionary,property)


value = get(dictionary,property) returns the value of the specified property for the Embedded Coder Dictionary. get supports only Embedded Coder Dictionaries that use the service interface configuration.

Input Arguments

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Embedded Coder Dictionary, specified as a coder.Dictionary object.

Property of the coder.Dictionary object, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Example: 'ServicesHeaderFileName'

Data Types: string

Output Arguments

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Value of the coder.Dictionary property, returned as a string scalar.


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Create a Simulink data dictionary that contains an Embedded Coder Dictionary. Create the Embedded Coder Dictionary so that it represents a service interface configuration.

dictionaryFile ='codeDefinitions.sldd');
codeDictionary = coder.dictionary.create('codeDefinitions.sldd','ServiceInterface');

Get the name of the header file that the service interfaces use.

headerFile = get(codeDictionary,'ServicesHeaderFileName')
headerFile =


The Embedded Coder Dictionary uses the default header file services.h for the services.

Version History

Introduced in R2023b