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coder.dictionary.Section class

Package: coder.dictionary

Configure Embedded Coder Dictionary section

Since R2019b


An object of the coder.dictionary.Section class represents one section of an Embedded Coder Dictionary, such as Storage Classes or Memory Sections. The object enables you to perform operations on the section such as adding or deleting entries.

A coder.Dictionary object contains three coder.dictionary.Section objects, which represent the sections of an Embedded Coder Dictionary: Storage Classes, Memory Sections, and Function Customization Templates. A coder.dictionary.Section object contains coder.dictionary.Entry objects, which represent the definitions stored in that section of the Embedded Coder Dictionary. The name of the section identifies the type of code definitions that the section contains. To access the sections of an Embedded Coder Dictionary, use a coder.Dictionary object. To access the dictionary entries within the section, use a coder.dictionary.Section object.


The function getSection creates a coder.dictionary.Section object.


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Name of Embedded Coder Dictionary Section, returned as a character vector. This property is read-only.

Example: 'StorageClasses'


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Open the model RollAxisAutopilot and represent the Embedded Coder Dictionary by using the coder.Dictionary object coderDictionary.

coderDictionary ='RollAxisAutopilot');

Create a coder.dictionary.Section object that represents the Memory Sections section of the Embedded Coder Dictionary.

memorySectionsSect = getSection(coderDictionary, 'MemorySections')
memorySectionsSect = 

  Section with properties:

    Name: 'MemorySections'

The section contains coder.dictionary.Entry objects, each of which represents a built-in memory section definition.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b