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Add undefine preprocessor directives to build information

Since R2024a



addUndefines(buildinfo,undefs,groups) adds undefine preprocessor directives to the build information.


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This example shows how to add undefine preprocessor directives to a build information object.

Suppose you have two files, myFile.c and myInc.h, in your current working folder.

// myFile.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void) {
    #ifdef __STDC_VERSION__
    printf("__STDC_VERSION__ is defined\n");
    printf("__STDC_VERSION__ is not defined\n");
    #ifdef MY_MACRO
    printf("MY_MACRO is defined\n");
    printf("MY_MACRO is not defined\n");

// myInc.h
#ifndef MYINC_H
#define MYINC_H
#define MY_MACRO

Create an RTW.BuildInfo object and specify source files, undefine directives, and preinclude files.

buildInfo = RTW.BuildInfo;
buildInfo.ComponentName = 'MyComponent';
addSourceFiles(buildInfo, 'myfile.c');
addUndefines(buildInfo, '__STDC_VERSION__');
addPreincludeFiles(buildInfo, 'myinc.h', pwd);

Input Arguments

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Required. RTW.BuildInfo object that contains information for compiling and linking generated code.

Required. Append set of undefine preprocessor directives to the RTW.BuildInfo object.

Optional. Associate undefine preprocessor directives with groups.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a