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Class: fxpOptimizationOptions

Show specifications for a system

Since R2020a




showSpecifications(options) displays all parameters that were specified for a system using the addSpecification method of the fxpOptimizationOptions class. If the options object has no parameters specified, the showSpecifications method does not display anything.

Input Arguments

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Optimization options, specified as an fxpOptimizationOptions object with known data types specified for a system.


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This example shows how to specify known data types for block parameters within your system.

Load the system for which you want to optimize the data types.


To specify that the input to the system you are converting will always be an eight-bit integer, create a BlockParameter object that specifies the block parameter, and the data type.

bp = Simulink.Simulation.BlockParameter(...

The fxpOptimizationOptions object, opt, specifies options to use during data type optimization. To specify the data type of the input to the system, use the addSpecification method.

opt = fxpOptimizationOptions;

You can view all specifications added to a fxpOptimizationOptions object using the showSpecifications method.

    Index         Name                      BlockPath                  Value 
    _____    ______________    ____________________________________    ______

      1      OutDataTypeStr    ex_auto_gain_controller/input_signal    'int8'


Version History

Introduced in R2020a