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Cosimulation Wizard

Generate a cosimulation block or System object from existing HDL files


Run your HDL design as part of a Simulink® model or MATLAB® script. The Cosimulation Wizard generates a cosimulation block, System object™, or MATLAB callback function. In addition, the wizard creates MATLAB scripts that can compile the HDL and start the HDL simulator.

Cosimulation Wizard

Open the Cosimulation Wizard App

  • Simulink Toolstrip: In the Apps tab, under Verification, Validation and Test, click the HDL Verifier icon to open the HDL Verifier tab. Then, select HDL Cosimulation in the Mode section, and click Import HDL Files.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter cosimWizard.


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  1. In the Simulation Options pane, specify a filename in the Parameter file field.

    Cosimulation Wizard open on "Simulation Options" pane, with the Parameter File selection highlighted.

  2. Click Generate. A new parameter file is created, with default parameter values.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. In the file that opens, uncomment the lines with the parameters you want to override, and then set their values. For example, set coeff1 to 0 and coeff2 to 18.

    A parameter file with the first two lines uncommented

  5. Save the file, and click Next.

If you know the parameters in your design hierarchy and you have specific settings for the parameters you want to use, you can write your own parameter file.

  1. In the Simulation Options pane, specify the filename in the Parameter file parameter.

  2. You can optionally change parameter values. To do so click Edit, and set the parameters to the new values.

  3. Click Next.

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  • When importing a VHDL design the data types REAL and INTEGER are not supported.

Version History

Introduced in R2012b

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