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Load instantiated HDL module for verification with ModelSim and MATLAB




    Use this command in ModelSim®, not in MATLAB®.

    vsimmatlab instance loads the specified instance of an HDL module for verification and sets up ModelSim so it can establish a communication link with MATLAB. ModelSim opens a simulation workspace and displays a series of messages in the command window as it loads the packages and architectures of the HDL design.

    You can run this command from the HDL simulator prompt or from a Tcl script shell (tclsh).

    vsimmatlab instance <vsim_args> uses additional vsim command line arguments.


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    In ModelSim, load the HDL module instance parse from the library work, establishing communication with MATLAB.

    ModelSim> vsimmatlab work.parse

    Input Arguments

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    Instance of the HDL module to load for verification, specified as HDL instance name (as required by ModelSim).

    Example: work.parse

    Data Types: char | string

    vsim command arguments (as required by ModelSim). For details, see the description of vsim in the ModelSim documentation.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2008a