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Physical Signals

Synchronization signals (PSS and SSS), downlink reference signals (CRS, DM-RS, CSI-RS, and PRS)

Primary and secondary synchronization signals are used for by terminals for cell search. Terminals use the various reference signals to aid channel estimation and to support measurements.


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ltePSSPrimary synchronization signal
ltePSSIndicesPSS resource element indices
lteSSSSecondary synchronization signal
lteSSSIndicesSSS resource element indices
lteCellRSCell-specific reference signal
lteCellRSIndicesCRS resource element indices
lteNRSIndicesNRS resource element indices
lteDMRSUE-specific demodulation reference signals
lteDMRSIndicesUE-specific DM-RS resource element indices
lteEPDCCHDMRSEPDCCH demodulation reference signals
lteEPDCCHDMRSIndicesEPDCCH DM-RS resource element indices
lteCSIRSChannel state information reference signal
lteCSIRSIndicesCSI-RS resource element indices
lteCSICodebookCodebook for channel state information reporting
ltePRSPositioning reference signal
ltePRSIndicesPRS resource element indices


Synchronization Signals (PSS and SSS)

In LTE, there are two downlink synchronization signals which are used by the UE to obtain the cell identity and frame timing.

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