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Transport Channels

UL-SCH coding, interleaving, information

Transport channels serve to transport MAC data in transport blocks with specified characteristics.


lteULSCHUplink shared channel
lteULSCHDecodeUplink shared channel decoding
lteULSCHInterleaveUL-SCH interleaving
lteULSCHDeinterleaveUL-SCH deinterleaving
lteULSCHInfoUL-SCH coding information


Uplink Shared Channel

Describes the processing of transport blocks (data) and both L1 and L2 control information, physical channel processing, and the demodulation reference signal used to create the physical uplink shared channel.

UL-SCH Processing Functions

Block diagram view of the uplink shared channel (UL-SCH) processing and associated functions in the LTE Toolbox™.

UL-SCH Parameterization

Describes parameterization forms for the UL-SCH and PUSCH related functions.

Model UL-SCH and PUSCH

This example shows how to construct the physical uplink shared channel (PUSCH).

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