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Find Change Points

Find abrupt changes in data in the Live Editor


The Find Change Points task lets you interactively find abrupt changes in the mean, variance, or slope and intercept of data. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.

Using this task, you can:

  • Specify the change point type and locate the change points from data in a workspace variable.

  • Adjust the number of detected change points.

  • Automatically visualize change point locations and the segments of data between them.

Find Change Points task in Live Editor

Open the Task

To add the Find Change Points task to a live script in the MATLAB Live Editor:

  • On the Live Editor tab, click Task and select the Find Change Points icon .

  • In a code block in the live script, type a relevant keyword, such as change or find. Select Find Change Points from the suggested command completions.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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Behavior changed in R2022a