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End-of-data status



tf = isDone(obj) returns true when the data from a finite source has been exhausted, typically because all data has been read. The System object obj is often a file reader, and isDone looks for the end of the file. Otherwise, isDone returns false.


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This example shows how to read a MAT file using the dsp.MatFileReader (DSP System Toolbox) object.


This example requires DSP System Toolbox™.

filename = [tempname '.mat'];               % Create variable name
originalData = rand(10,2);
save(filename,'originalData','-v7.3');      % Write to MAT file
mfr = dsp.MatFileReader(filename,'VariableName',...
   'originalData','SamplesPerFrame', 4);  
while ~isDone(mfr)            % Stream data into MATLAB
    isDone(mfr)               % Display zero if end-of-data not reached
    finalData = mfr()         % Display read frame

Input Arguments

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System object whose status you want to query.

Output Arguments

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True or false result, returned as:

  • Logical 1 (done) — End-of-data has been reached.

  • Logical 0 (not done) — End-of-data has not been reached.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2010a