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Construct Java array object



ObjArr = javaArray(PackageName.ClassName,x1,...,xN) constructs an empty Java® array object for objects of the specified PackageName.ClassName class. The array created by javaArray is equivalent to the array created by the following Java code.

A = new PackageName.ClassName[x1]...[xN];


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Create 4-by-5 array of java.lang.Double type.

x1 = 4;
x2 = 5;
dblArray = javaArray('java.lang.Double',x1,x2);

Fill in values.

for m = 1:x1
    for n = 1:x2
        dblArray(m,n) = java.lang.Double((m*10) + n);

Display results.

dblArray =


    [11]    [12]    [13]    [14]    [15]
    [21]    [22]    [23]    [24]    [25]
    [31]    [32]    [33]    [34]    [35]
    [41]    [42]    [43]    [44]    [45]

Input Arguments

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Name of the Java class, including the package name, specified as a string or character vector.

Data Types: char

Dimensions of the array, specified as an integer. If any argument is zero, javaArray creates a zero-length Java array with the specified number of dimensions. A zero-length Java array is not the same as an empty MATLAB® array, which is converted to a Java null when passed to a Java method.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Java array with dimensions x1,...,xN.

More About

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Java Array Object

A Java array object is an object with Java dimensionality. For more information, see How MATLAB Represents Java Arrays.


Version History

Introduced before R2006a