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Create 4-by-4 transform matrix


M = makehgtform
M = makehgtform('translate',[tx ty tz])
M = makehgtform('scale',s)
M = makehgtform('scale',[sx,sy,sz])
M = makehgtform('xrotate',t)
M = makehgtform('yrotate',t)
M = makehgtform('zrotate',t)
M = makehgtform('axisrotate',[ax,ay,az],t)


Use makehgtform to create transform matrices for translation, scaling, and rotation of graphics objects. Apply the transform to graphics objects by assigning the transform to the Matrix property of a parent transform object.

M = makehgtform returns an identity transform.

M = makehgtform('translate',[tx ty tz]) or M = makehgtform('translate',tx,ty,tz) returns a transform that translates along the x-axis by tx, along the y-axis by ty, and along the z-axis by tz.

M = makehgtform('scale',s) returns a transform that scales uniformly along the x-, y-, and z-axes.

M = makehgtform('scale',[sx,sy,sz]) returns a transform that scales along the x-axis by sx, along the y-axis by sy, and along the z-axis by sz.

M = makehgtform('xrotate',t) returns a transform that rotates around the x-axis by t radians.

M = makehgtform('yrotate',t) returns a transform that rotates around the y-axis by t radians.

M = makehgtform('zrotate',t) returns a transform that rotates around the z-axis by t radians.

M = makehgtform('axisrotate',[ax,ay,az],t) Rotate around axis [ax ay az] by t radians.

Note that you can specify multiple operations in one call to makehgtform and the MATLAB® software returns a transform matrix that is the result of concatenating all specified operations. For example,

m = makehgtform('xrotate',pi/2,'yrotate',pi/2);

is the same as

mx = makehgtform('xrotate',pi/2);
my = makehgtform('yrotate',pi/2);
m = mx*my;

Introduced before R2006a