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matlab.unittest.plugins.codecoverage.CoberturaFormat class

Package: matlab.unittest.plugins.codecoverage

Format to create code coverage report using Cobertura XML format


reportFormat = CoberturaFormat(filename) constructs a CoberturaFormat format and returns it as reportFormat. When used with the CodeCoveragePlugin, the code coverage results are saved to the file filename.

Typically, you construct this class implicitly by instantiating it when you create a CodeCoveragePlugin instance. For example, p = CodeCoveragePlugin.forFile('ProductTest.m','Producing',CoberturaFormat('reportFile.xml')) creates a plugin that produces a code coverage report for ProductTest.m in the Cobertura XML format named reportFile.xml.

Input Arguments

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Name of file, specified as a string or character vector.

Example: 'product1_coverageResults.xml'

Introduced in R2017b