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matlab.unittest.qualifications.QualificationEventData class

Package: matlab.unittest.qualifications

Event data for qualification event listeners


The QualificationEventData class holds event data for qualification event listeners. Qualification event listeners are callback functions that you register with the testing framework to listen for passing and/or failing qualifications. Qualifications can be assertions, fatal assertions, assumptions, or verifications performed on test content. The corresponding qualification classes define these events. Typically, authors of custom plugins use this class. Only the test framework constructs this class directly.



Value tested to satisfy the qualification logic of the Constraint.


Instance of matlab.unittest.constraints.Constraint used for the qualification

When you use a qualification method on a TestCase or Fixture object, the Constraint property contains the underlying constraint used for the qualification. For example, if you use the verifyEqual method, the underlying constraint is the IsEqualTo constraint. Therefore, if you invoke the constraint's getDiagnosticFor method, the diagnostic result can appear different than what the test framework displays.


Diagnostic specified in the qualification, represented as a character vector, string, function handle, or instance of the Diagnostic class.


Result of diagnostic specified in the qualification, represented as an array of DiagnosticResult instances.


Result of diagnostic from constraint used for the qualification, represented as an array of DiagnosticResult instances.


Function call stack leading up to the qualification event, represented as a structure array.

Version History

Introduced in R2014a