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Generic .NET Dictionary

Since R2023a



    netDict = NET.createDictionary(mlDict) creates a generic .NET dictionary from a MATLAB® dictionary.


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    Create a MATLAB dictionary with two numeric entries. Convert the dictionary to use in .NET functions.

    mlDict = dictionary("entry 1",3.14,"entry 2",42);
    netDict = NET.createDictionary(mlDict)
    netDict = 
      Dictionary<System*String,System*Double> with properties:
        Comparer: [1×1 System.Collections.Generic.GenericEqualityComparer<System*String>]
           Count: 2
            Keys: [1×1 System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary*KeyCollection<System*String,System*Double>]
          Values: [1×1 System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary*ValueCollection<System*String,System*Double>]

    Input Arguments

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    Configured MATLAB dictionary, specified as a dictionary.

    Example: "entry 1",3.14,"entry 2",42

    Output Arguments

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    .NET dictionary, returned as an instance of System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<TKey, TValue> with equivalent entries as mlDict. The generic parameters are the .NET types that most closely match the types of keys and values in the MATLAB dictionary. For information about type conversions, see Pass Data to .NET Objects.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a

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