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Spatial Search

Triangulation-based nearest-neighbor and point-location searches

Given a set of points and a query point in Euclidean space, a nearest-neighbor search locates the point that is closer to the query point than to any other point. Similarly, a point-location search locates the triangle, tetrahedron, or higher-dimensional simplex that contains the query point. You can represent 2-D and 3-D triangulation data by using the triangulation and delaunayTriangulation objects. Use their object functions nearestNeighbor and pointLocation to perform 2-D and 3-D searches. For points in higher dimensions, construct a triangulation using delaunayn and use the dsearchn and tsearchn functions to perform searches. For more information, see Spatial Searching.


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triangulationTriangulation in 2-D or 3-D
delaunayTriangulationDelaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
dsearchnNearest point search
tsearchnN-D closest simplex search
delaunaynN-D Delaunay triangulation


  • Spatial Searching

    This topic introduces nearest-neighbor and point-location searches.