Subclass Applications

Subclassing built-in classes and defining interfaces

Derive classes from built-in classes to define specialized data types that extend the operations you can perform on a particular class of data. The subclass inherits the built-in class methods and behaviors and can add new methods to perform specialized operations.


Heterogeneous Class Hierarchy

A Class Hierarchy for Heterogeneous Arrays

Heterogeneous class hierarchies enable you to form arrays of different, but related classes.

Subclasses of Built-In Types

Subclasses of MATLAB Built-In Types

Extend MATLAB® built-in classes by deriving from these fundamental data types.

Behavior of Inherited Built-In Methods

Subclass built-in classes to extend the behavior of functions that operate on that type of data.

Use of size and numel with Classes

The size and numel functions work with user-defined class.

Sample Classes Derived from Built-in Classes

Subclasses of Built-In Types Without Properties

Class can derive from a built-in class without defining properties and new behaviors.

Subclasses of Built-In Types with Properties

Classes that derive from built-in classes and define properties must define array behaviors for those classes.

Representing Hardware with Classes

This example of a class derived from a built-in numeric class inherits useful behaviors.

Enumerations Derived from Built-In Types

Enumeration classes derived from built-in types inherit behaviors from these types


Abstract Classes

Use abstract classes to define interfaces that each subclass inherits.

Define an Interface Superclass

Ways to define interfaces for subclasses to implement.