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Image Classification Using Parrot FPV Drones

This example shows you how to use the MATLAB® Support Package for Parrot® Drones to classify images captured by the drone's FPV camera.


The MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones enables you to control the Parrot drone and capture images from the first-person view (FPV) camera. The images captured by the drone's FPV camera can be classified using GoogLeNet, a pretrained deep convolutional neural network. GoogLeNet is trained on more than a million images from ImageNet database. It takes the image as input and provides a label for the object in the image.


Complete Getting Started with MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones.

Required Hardware

To run this example, you need:

  • A fully charged Parrot FPV drone

  • A computer with a Wi-Fi® connection

Task 1 — Create a Connection to the Parrot Drone

Create a parrot object.

  parrotObj = parrot;

Task 2 — Create the GoogLeNet Neural Network Object

Create a GoogLeNet neural network object.

  nnet = googlenet;

Task 3 — Activate FPV Camera

Start the drone flight and activate the FPV camera.


Create a connection to the drone's FPV camera.

  camObj = camera(parrotObj, 'FPV');

Task 4 — Capture and Classify the Object in the Image

Move the drone forward for 2 seconds along the edges of a square path. Capture the image of an object. Classify the image while the drone moves forward.

1. Move the drone forward for the default duration of 0.5 seconds for each forward step, ensuring a nonblocking behavior. This enables the drone to capture the image and classify it while in motion.

2. Capture a single frame from the drone's FPV camera.

3. Resize the image and classify the object in image using the neural network.

4. Display the image with title as the label returned by the classify function.

5. Turn the drone by π/2 radians at each square vertex.

  tOuter= tic;
  while(toc(tOuter)<=30 && parrotObj.BatteryLevel>20)
     tInner = tic;
     % Keep moving the drone for 2 seconds along each square path edge
        moveforward(parrotObj);                        % Move the drone forward for default time of 0.5 seconds (nonblocking behavior)
        picture = snapshot(camObj);                    % Capture image from drone's FPV camera
        resizedPicture = imresize(picture,[224,224]);  % Resize the picture
        label = classify(nnet,resizedPicture);         % Classify the picture
        imshow(picture);                               % Show the picture
        title(char(label));                            % Show the label
     turn(parrotObj,deg2rad(90));                       % Turn the drone by pi/2 radians

6. Execute steps 1–5 for 30 seconds.

For example, the drone classifies a monitor screen as captured by the FPV camera.

Task 5 — Land the Drone

Land the drone.


Task 6 — Clean Up

When finished, clear the connection to the Parrot drone, the FPV camera, and GoogLeNet.

  clear parrotObj;
  clear camObj;
  clear nnet;