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Secure a server instance

MATLAB® Production Server™ uses HTTPS for security. You can configure the security of a server instance to be as broad or specific as required. The instance can simply encrypt the communication channel between it and a client or it can block unauthorized clients from accessing applications.


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httpsURL for secure connections
ssl-allowed-clientMATLAB programs a client can access
ssl-ciphersList of cipher suites used for encryption
ssl-tmp-ec-paramElliptic curve used for the ECDHE ciphers
ssl-protocolsList of allowed SSL protocols
ssl-tmp-dh-paramFile containing a pregenerated ephemeral DH key
ssl-verify-peer-modeLevel of client verification required by the server instance
enable-ssl-renegotiationEnable SSL renegotiation
x509-ca-file-storeFile containing the server certificate authority file
x509-cert-chainFile containing the server certificate chain
x509-passphraseFile containing the passphrase that decodes the private key
x509-private-keyFile containing the private key in PEM format
x509-use-crlUse the certificate revocation list
x509-use-system-storeUse the certificate authority store provided by the system
access-control-providerIdentity management service provider name
access-control-configPath to the identity management service provider configuration file
access-control-policyPath to access control policy file
http-authentication-methodHTTP authentication method name
client-credential-delegationClient credential delegation method name


HTTPS Configuration

Access Control Configuration

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