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Create sphere collision geometry

Since R2019b


Use collisionSphere to create a sphere collision geometry centered at the origin.




SPH = collisionSphere(Radius) creates a sphere collision geometry with a specified Radius. The origin of the geometry-fixed frame is at the center of the sphere.

SPH = collisionSphere(___,Pose=pose) sets the Pose property of the sphere to pose, relative to the world frame.


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Radius of sphere, specified as a positive scalar. Units are in meters.

Data Types: double

Pose of the collision geometry relative to the world frame, specified as a 4-by-4 homogeneous matrix or an se3 object. You can change the pose after you create the collision geometry.


Note that when the pose is specified as an se3 object, the Pose property stores the pose as a numeric 4-by-4 matrix.

Data Types: single | double

Object Functions

showShow collision geometry
convertToCollisionMeshConvert collision primitive geometry into collision mesh geometry
fitCollisionCapsuleFit collision capsule around collision geometry


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Create a sphere collision geometry centered at the origin. The sphere has a radius of 1 meter.

rad = 1;
sph = collisionSphere(rad)
sph = 
  collisionSphere with properties:

    Radius: 1
      Pose: [4x4 double]

Visualize the sphere.


Create a cylinder collision geometry of radius 1 meter and length 3 meters.

cyl = collisionCylinder(1,3);

Create a homogeneous transformation that corresponds to a translation of 2.5 meters up the z-axis. Set the pose of the sphere to the matrix. Show the sphere and the cylinder.

mat = trvec2tform([0 0 2.5]);
sph.Pose = mat;
hold on
zlim([-2 4])

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Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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