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Display state vector information for insfilterNonholonomic



stateinfo(FUSE) displays the meaning of each index of the State property and the associated units.

info = stateinfo(FUSE) returns a structure with fields containing descriptions of the elements of the state vector of the filter, FUSE.


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Create an insfilterNonholonomic object.

filter = insfilterErrorState;

Display the state information of the created filter.

States                            Units    Index
Orientation (quaternion parts)             1:4  
Position (NAV)                    m        5:7  
Velocity (NAV)                    m/s      8:10 
Gyroscope Bias (XYZ)              rad/s    11:13
Accelerometer Bias (XYZ)          m/s²     14:16
Visual Odometry Scale                      17   

Output the state information of the filter as a structure.

info = stateinfo(filter)
info = struct with fields:
            Orientation: [1 2 3 4]
               Position: [5 6 7]
               Velocity: [8 9 10]
          GyroscopeBias: [11 12 13]
      AccelerometerBias: [14 15 16]
    VisualOdometryScale: 17

Input Arguments

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insfilterNonholonomic, specified as an object.

Output Arguments

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State information, returned as a structure. The field names of the structure are names of the elements of the state vector in the filter. The values of each field are the corresponding indices of the state vector.

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Version History

Introduced in R2018b