Systems of Nonlinear Equations

Find roots of sets of nonlinear equations in serial or parallel

Find a solution to a multivariable nonlinear equation F(x) = 0. For problem setup, see Solver-Based Optimization Problem Setup.


fsolveSolve system of nonlinear equations
fzeroRoot of nonlinear function


Systems of Nonlinear Equations Solutions

Nonlinear Equations with Analytic Jacobian

Example showing how to use derivatives in nonlinear equation-solving.

Nonlinear Equations with Finite-Difference Jacobian

Example showing how to solve a nonlinear system of equations without derivative information.

Nonlinear Equations with Jacobian Sparsity Pattern

Example of solving a nonlinear system of equations with known finite-difference sparsity pattern.

Nonlinear Systems with Constraints

Techniques for solving nonlinear systems of equations when there are constraints.

Parallel Computing

What Is Parallel Computing in Optimization Toolbox?

Using multiple processors for optimization.

Using Parallel Computing in Optimization Toolbox

Automatic gradient estimation in parallel.

Improving Performance with Parallel Computing

Considerations for speeding optimizations.

Algorithms and Options

Equation Solving Algorithms

Solving linear systems of equations, nonlinear equations in one variable, and systems of n nonlinear equations in n variables.

Optimization Options Reference

Describes optimization options.