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Convert speed to Doppler shift



dps = speed2dop(radvel,lambda) returns the one-way Doppler shift in hertz corresponding to the radial velocity radvel for the wavelength lambda.


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Calculate the Doppler shift in hertz for a given carrier wavelength and source speed. The radar frequency is 24.15 GHz. Assume a radial speed of 35.76 m/s.

radvel = 35.76;
f0 = 24.15e9;
lambda = physconst('LightSpeed')/f0;
doppler_shift = speed2dop(radvel,lambda)
doppler_shift = 2.8807e+03

Input Arguments

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Radial velocity in meters per second, specified as a scalar, vector, or matrix.

Data Types: double

Wavelength in meters, specified as a positive scalar.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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One-way Doppler shift in hertz, returned as a scalar, vector, or matrix.

More About

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Doppler-Radial Velocity Relation

The Doppler shift of a source relative to a receiver can be computed from the relative radial velocity between the source and receiver:


where Δf is the Doppler shift in hertz, Vs,r denotes the radial velocity of the source relative to the receiver, and λ is the carrier frequency wavelength in meters.

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Version History

Introduced in R2011a