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Close RF Blockset model window created using rfsystem

Since R2021a



    close_system(rfs) closes the RF Blockset™ model window created using rfsystem System object™ rfs.


    You must save your system before using the close_system function.


    close_system(rfs,saveflag) lets you specify whether to save the RF Blockset model with its current name or to close it without saving.


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    Create a fifth-order bandpass RF filter and an amplifier with the gain of 3 dB.

    f1 = rffilter('ResponseType','Bandpass','FilterOrder',5,'PassbandFrequency',[4.85 5.15]*1e9);
    a1 = amplifier('Gain',3,'NF',1.53,'OIP3',35);

    Create an rfbudget object using the elements at an input frequency of 5 GHz, an available input power of -30 dBm, and a bandwidth of 200 MHz.

    rfb = rfbudget([f1 a1],5e9,-30,200e6);

    Create an RF system using the rfbudget object and name the RF Blockset model.

    rfs = rfsystem(rfb,'ModelName','RFSystem');

    Open the RF Blockset model.


    Save and close the RF Blockset model.


    Input Arguments

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    RF system, specified as an rfsystem object.

    Option to save model using the current file name, specified as 0 to close without saving or 1 to save and then close.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a