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Import, Export, and Visualization

PCB file I/O, layout, visualization, Gerber file generation

Use the objects and functions in this category to:

  • Read printed circuit board (PCB) designs and specifications from Gerber files. You can then visualize and analyze the PCB design and specifications using the functions in Analysis and Verification.

  • Write the PCB design and specifications into Gerber files.

  • Convert PCB components into RF Toolbox™ circuit object using pcbElement.


pcbComponentCreate single or multifeed PCB component (Since R2021b)
pcbElementCreate RF Toolbox circuit element (Since R2021b)
PCBReaderImport and update Gerber files (Since R2021b)
PCBWriterCreate PCB board definitions from 2-D PCB designs (Since R2021b)
PCBConnectorsRF connector at RF PCB feedpoint (Since R2021b)
PCBServicesCustomize PCB file generation for PCB manufacturing service (Since R2021b)


gerberReadCreate PCBReader object with specified Gerber files and drill files (Since R2021b)
gerberWriteGenerate Gerber files (Since R2021b)
showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape (Since R2021b)