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Create HTML and PDF Templates

Use one of these approaches to create an HTML or PDF template for generating a report.

  • Use mlreportgen.dom.Document.createTemplate to create a copy of the DOM API default template that you can then customize. For example:


    or, for a single-file HTML template,


    or, for PDF,

  • Create a template from scratch.

Edit HTML or PDF Templates

A single-file HTML template embeds style sheets and images as HTML elements in the HTML document. An HTML template can be in a single file, with an .htmt extension, or in a zipped template package, with an .htmtx extension. PDF templates are packaged in a zipped template package, but use a .pdftx extension. To edit a single-file HTML template, open the .htmt file. To edit one of the packaged templates, unzip it to a folder using the unzipTemplate function. For example, to unzip an HTML template called mytemplate in the current folder:


Using the .htmtx extension is optional for packaged HTML templates. However, to unzip a PDF template, you must use the template extension, for example:


After you unzip the template, you can edit the .css and .html files using a text editor or an HTML editor. To learn more templates, see Templates for DOM API Report Programs.

To repackage a template after you edit it, use the zipTemplate function. For example, package the template stored in a subfolder in the current folder named mytemplate:


For PDF, use the .pdftx extension:


If you want to work with your template in a location other than the current folder, you can specify a path with the unzipTemplate and zipTemplate functions.

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