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Open Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or convert it to PDF



[Status,Message] = pptview(filename) opens the specified presentation file. The application used to open the file depends on the platform:

  • Windows®pptview opens the file in PowerPoint®.

  • Linux®pptview calls the soffice command to open the file in Apache® OpenOffice® or LibreOffice®, depending on which application is installed.

  • Macintoshpptview calls the soffice command to open the file in Apache OpenOffice, which must be installed in the /Applications folder.

[Status,Message] = pptview(filename,conversionMode) converts the specified PowerPoint file to PDF on PCs with Microsoft® Office installed.

[Status,Message] = pptview(filename,'closeapp','closedoc') closes the PPT application and presentation file.

[Status,Message] = pptview(filename,'closedoc') closes the presentation file.


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Open a presentation.


Convert a PPT file to PDF format and close the PPT file. Run this command only on PCs with Microsoft Office installed.


Input Arguments

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PPT file to open or convert, specified as a character vector of a file name on the MATLAB® path or the full path name. You do not need to include the file extension.

Example: 'myppt', 'MyPresentations/myppt'

Method of converting the PPT file to PDF, specified as one of these values:

  • 'converttopdf' — Convert to PDF without displaying the results.

  • 'showaspdf' — Convert to PDF and display the results in the PDF Viewer.

Output Arguments

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Success indicator for opening or converting the PPT file, returned as 1 for success and 0 for failure.

Error or warning information about opening or converting the file, returned as a character vector.


Version History

Introduced in R2016a