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Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols


Analog InputMeasure the voltage of analog input pin
Analog OutputSend analog output signal to DAC0_OUT pin
Digital ReadRead the logical value of digital input pin
Digital WriteSet the logical value of a digital output pin
FXOS8700 6-Axes SensorGet measurement of linear acceleration and magnetic field along the X, Y, and Z axes of the FXOS8700 6-Axes chip
I2C Controller ReadRead data from I2C peripheral device or I2C peripheral device register
I2C Controller WriteWrite data to I2C peripheral device or I2C peripheral device register
Push ButtonRead logical state of Push button
PWM OutputGenerate pulse waveform on specified output pin
Quadrature EncoderMeasure rotation of encoder in ticks
Serial ReceiveRead data from UART port
Serial TransmitSend serial data to UART port
TCP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
TCP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to remote host
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP message from UDP host
UDP SendSend UDP message to UDP host