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Physical Signal Manipulation

Blocks for transmitting physical control signals

Physical Signal libraries contain blocks that transmit physical signals, organized by function. These blocks let you perform math operations or measurements on physical signals, model discrete behavior or discontinuities, and simulate physical sources.

Physical signals are different from regular Simulink® signals. Therefore, you need converter blocks to connect Physical Signal blocks to Simulink input and output ports. For more information, see Connecting Simscape Diagrams to Simulink Sources and Scopes.


  • Delays
    Blocks that model transport phenomena at system level
  • Discrete
    Blocks that model discrete and event-based behaviors with physical signals
  • Functions
    Blocks that perform math operations on physical signals
  • Linear Operators
    Blocks that simulate continuous-time functions for physical signals
  • Lookup Tables
    Blocks that perform table lookup to generate physical signals
  • Nonlinear Operators
    Blocks that simulate discontinuities, such as saturation or dead zone, for physical signals
  • Periodic Operators
    Blocks that perform periodic signal measurements
  • Sinks
    Blocks that receive physical signal output from other blocks
  • Sources
    Blocks that simulate physical signal sources
  • Utilities
    Physical signal environment blocks, such as signal specification