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Model Configuration Parameters: Data Import/Export

The Data Import/Export pane includes parameters for configuring simulation input and output options. The parameters allow you to import input signal and initial state data and export output, signal, and state data during simulation. You can use standard or custom MATLAB® functions to generate input signals for a system and to graph, analyze, or otherwise postprocess simulation results.



Loads input data from a workspace before the simulation begins.

Initial state

Loads the model initial states from a workspace before simulation begins.


Saves simulation time data to the specified variable during simulation.


Saves state data to the specified variable during a simulation.


Saves signal data to the specified variable during simulation.

Final states

Saves the model states at the end of a simulation to the specified variable.


Select the data format for saving states, output, and final states data.

Limit data points to last

Log only the last n data points for outputs and states.


Specify decimation factor, n, for output and states logging such that only every n points are logged.

Save final operating point

At the end of a simulation, Simulink® saves the complete set of states of the model, including logged states.

Signal logging

Globally enable or disable signal logging for the model.

Data stores

Globally enable or disable logging of Data Store Memory block variables for the model.

Log Dataset data to file

Log data to MAT-file.

Output options

Select options for generating additional output signal data for variable-step solvers.

Refine factor

Specify how many points to generate between time steps to refine the output.

Output times

Specify times at which Simulink software should generate output in addition to, or instead of, the times of the simulation steps taken by the solver used to simulate the model.

Single simulation output

Specify whether to return simulation data as a single Simulink.SimulationOutput object.

Logging intervals

Set intervals for logging

Record logged workspace data in Simulation Data Inspector

Specify whether to send logged data to the Simulation Data Inspector when a simulation pauses or completes.

These configuration parameters are in the Advanced parameters section.


Dataset signal format

Format for Dataset elements.

Stream To Workspace blocks

Specify whether data logged using To Workspace blocks streams to the Simulation Data Inspector.

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