Specify value for Simulate using parameter


simmode = getSimulateUsingImpl


simmode = getSimulateUsingImpl specifies the simulation mode of the System object™ implemented in a MATLAB System block. The simulation mode restricts your System object to simulation using either code generation or interpreted execution. The associated showSimulateUsingImpl method controls whether the Simulate using option is displayed on the dialog box.

getSimulateUsingImpl is called by the MATLAB System block.


You must set Access = protected and Static for this method.

Output Arguments


Simulation mode, returned as the character vector 'Code generation' or 'Interpreted execution'. If you do not include the getSimulateUsingImpl method in your class definition file, the simulation mode is unrestricted. Depending on the value returned by the associated showSimulateUsingImpl method, the simulation mode is displayed as either a dropdown list on the dialog box or not at all.


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In the class definition file of your System object, define the simulation mode to display in the MATLAB System block. To prevent Simulate using from displaying, see showSimulateUsingImpl.

 methods (Static, Access = protected)
    function simMode = getSimulateUsingImpl
       simMode = "Interpreted execution";