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Remove models from Model Finder

Since R2022a



    modelfinder.unregisterFolder(pathsToFolders) removes one or more folder paths from Model Finder. All models located in these folder paths are removed from the databases that are set as search databases of Model Finder. For more information on search databases, see modelfinder.setSearchDatabase.


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    Remove registered folders wireless and optical located at the specified paths from Model Finder.


    Input Arguments

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    Absolute or relative paths to folders to be removed from Model Finder, specified as a string scalar or character vector for a single folder, or a string array or cell array of character vectors for multiple folders.

    Example: "/users/data/wireless"

    Example: ["/users/data/wireless","/users/data/optical"]

    Data Types: string | char | cell

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a