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Class: Simulink.VariantConfigurationData
Package: Simulink

Remove association between variant configurations of top-level model and referenced model

Since R2022b


Consider a model that has predefined variant configurations and also has a referenced model in its model hierarchy. The referenced model defines its own variant configurations. While authoring the variant configurations for the top-level model, you might associate a referenced model configuration with a top-level variant configuration to populate the corresponding control variables in the top-level configuration. Use the removeComponentConfiguration method to remove this association. For more information on the workflow, see Compose Variant Configurations for Top Model Using Referenced Model Configurations.


This method requires Variant Manager for Simulink®.


removeComponentConfiguration(vcdTop,ConfigurationName=topConfig,ComponentName=refmdl) removes an existing association between a variant configuration of the referenced model refmdl and the top-level variant configuration topConfig that is present in the variant configuration data object vcdTop. This operation also makes variant control variables in topConfig populated using the referenced model configuration writeable in the Variant Manager user interface. You can modify these variables in topConfig independently of their values in the referenced model configuration.

Input Arguments

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Name of the variant configuration data object of the top-level model, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: "vcdo"

Data Types: char | string

Name of the top-level variant configuration present in vcdTop from which the referenced component configuration is disassociated, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: "LinInterExpNoNoise"

Data Types: char | string

Name of the referenced component, such as a referenced model, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: "slexVariantManagementExternalPlantMdlRef"

Data Types: char | string


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Consider the slexVariantManagement model, which is associated with the variant configuration object vcd. The model has a referenced model named slexVariantManagementExternalPlantMdlRef in its hierarchy that uses a predefined variant configuration named LowFid. This command disassociates LowFid from the variant configuration named NonLinExterLowFid present in vcd.

removeComponentConfiguration(vcd, ConfigurationName="NonLinExterLowFid",

Version History

Introduced in R2022b

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