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Simulink Onramp

Free, self-paced, interactive Simulink course


Simulink® Onramp is a free, self-paced, interactive course that helps you get started with Simulink.

After completing Simulink Onramp, you will be able to create, modify, and troubleshoot Simulink models that simulate dynamic systems and perform basic signal analysis.

Simulink Onramp teaches you to:

  • Use Simulink blocks and signals.

  • Visualize signal values during simulation.

  • Apply math and logic operators for algorithms.

  • Access help from documentation.

  • Use MATLAB® variables and functions in Simulink.

  • Model dynamic, discrete-time, and continuous-time systems in Simulink.

  • Set simulation duration.

Simulink Onramp uses tasks to teach concepts incrementally, such as through real-life examples with automotive performance modes, a thermostat, and a peregrine falcon dive. You receive automated assessments and feedback after submitting tasks. Your progress is saved when you exit the course, so you can complete the course in multiple sessions.

Simulink Onramp describes the task, displays an interactive model, and assesses whether the model matches the requirements set by the training.

Open the Simulink Onramp

  • Simulink Start Page: On the Learn tab, click the Launch button that appears when you pause on Simulink Onramp.

  • Simulink block diagram: On the quick access toolbar, click Help > Learn Simulink.

  • MATLAB Command Window: Enter learning.simulink.launchOnramp("simulink").


If you do not have a Simulink license, you can take the course at Self-Paced Online Courses.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a