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Orbisnap Standalone Viewer

Standalone viewer for remote virtual reality world navigation and WRL animation viewing

The Simulink® 3D Animation™ stand-alone viewer, Orbisnap, allows you to visualize virtual worlds or prerecorded animation files without running the MATLAB® or Simulink 3D Animation products.


Orbisnap Viewer

Use the Orbisnap viewer as a standalone viewer for virtual worlds. The Simulink 3D Animation product includes Orbisnap.

Install Orbisnap

Install the Orbisnap viewer.

Start Orbisnap

Start the Orbisnap viewer.

Orbisnap Interface

Explore how to use the Orbisnap viewer to display a virtual world.

Navigate Using Orbisnap

Navigate around a virtual world using the Orbisnap viewer.

View Animations or Virtual Worlds with Orbisnap

If you have a prerecorded WRL animation file or an existing virtual world file, you can view it in the Orbisnap viewer.

View Virtual Worlds Remotely with Orbisnap

View virtual worlds from the Simulink 3D Animation server in the Orbisnap viewer.