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Play VRML animation file




vrplay opens the 3D Animation Player, which you use to open and play virtual world animation files.

vrplay(filename) opens the 3D Animation Player and loads the virtual world filename.

x=vrplay(filename) also returns a 3D Animation Player figure handle.

vrplay works only with VRML animation files created using the Simulink® 3D Animation™ virtual world recording functionality.

When you create additional vrplay windows using the File > New Window command, the window respects the current setting of the DefaultViewer property. By default, the File > New Window command creates the new player window implemented as a MATLAB® figure.

Simulink 3D Animation Player App

You can open the Simulink 3D Animation Player from the MATLAB Apps tab. In the tab, scroll to the Simulation Graphics and Reporting section and click 3D Animation Player.

Keyboard Support

The playback controls can also be accessed from the keyboard.

F, Page DownFast forward
JJump to time
PPlay/pause toggle
R, Page UpRewind
Right arrow keyStep forward
Left arrow keyStep reverse
Up arrow keyFirst
Down arrow keyLast


To play the animation file based on the vr_octavia example, run vrplay('octavia_scene_anim.wrl').

Introduced in R2006a