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Organize and Deploy Model Advisor Checks

Organize and deploy Model Advisor checks and configurations

You can use the Model Advisor APIs and Configuration Editor to organize and deploy checks and configurations. Start with Create Custom Configurations.


ModelAdvisor.FactoryGroupDefine subfolder in By Task folder
ModelAdvisor.GroupDefine custom folder
ModelAdvisor.ProcedureDefine custom procedures
ModelAdvisor.TaskDefine custom tasks


Create Custom Configurations

Use the Model Advisor APIs and Model Advisor Configuration Editor to create custom configurations.

Create Configurations by Organizing Checks and Folders

To organize custom checks and folders, follow this workflow.

Organize Checks and Folders Using the Model Advisor Configuration Editor

Use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to organize checks and folders.

Organize Customization File Checks and Folders

Use the sl_customization.m file to organize checks and folders.

Verify and Use Custom Configurations

To use custom configurations, update the environment to include the sl_customization.m file.

How to Deploy Custom Configurations

This example shows how to deploy custom configurations.

Overview of Deploying Custom Configurations

Deploying custom configuration allows users to run the same set of checks.

Manually Load and Set the Default Configuration

This example shows how to manually load and set the default configuration.

Create Procedures

Create procedures with the ModelAdvisor.Procedure class API.

Create Procedural-Based Configurations

This example examines a procedural-based configuration.