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Namespace: ModelAdvisor

Set the Model Advisor configuration

Since R2020a



ModelAdvisor.setDefaultConfiguration('ConfigFilePath') specifies the configuration for the Model Advisor. The configuration defines the organization of the folders and checks in the Model Advisor.

To reset the configuration to the default configuration, pass an empty string to this function (that is, ModelAdvisor.setDefaultConfiguration('')). If you do not specify a custom configuration as the default, the default is the shipping configuration.


You create a custom configuration by using the Model Advisor Configuration Editor. You can specify your custom configuration as the default configuration.


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To set the configuration that is applied to the Model Advisor, at the MATLAB® command line:


Input Arguments

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Full file path to folder containing the configuration file that contains Model Advisor custom configuration.

Example: 'C:\temp\demoConfiguration.json'

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2020a