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Package: ModelAdvisor

Look up Model Advisor check ID


NewID = ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckID('OldCheckID')


NewID = ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckID('OldCheckID') returns the check ID of the check specified by OldCheckID. OldCheckID is the ID of a check prior to R2010b.

Input Arguments


OldCheckID is the ID of a check prior to R2010b.

Output Arguments


Check ID that corresponds to the previous check ID identified by OldCheckID.


Look up the check ID for By Product > Simulink Check > Modeling Standards > DO-178C/DO-331 Checks > Check safety-related optimization settings using the previous ID DO178B:OptionSet:

NewID = ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckID('DO178B:OptionSet');

Introduced in R2010b