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Class: slmetric.dashboard.Configuration
Package: slmetric.dashboard

Create Metrics Dashboard layout object in base workspace



Layout = getDashboardLayout(conf) creates an slmetric.dashboard.Layout object in the base workspace. Use this object to specify the location, size, and types of widgets that are in the Metrics Dashboard.

Input Arguments

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slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object for which to create a custom Metrics Dashboard configuration. By default, an slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object holds an empty slmetric.dashboard.Layout object.

Output Arguments

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slmetric.dashboard.Layout object for which to specify the location, size, and types of widgets in the Metrics Dashboard.


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Use the new method to create an slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object. As an input, specify the name of the XML file that is to contain information on a custom metrics dashboard layout. After you add this information to the configuration object, use the method to save the file.

CONF ='Name','default')

  Configuration with properties:

        Name: 'default'
    FileName: ''
    Location: ''

Obtain the slmetric.dashboard.Layout object from the slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object.

layout = getDashboardLayout(CONF);

Version History

Introduced in R2018b