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Class: slmetric.Engine
Package: slmetric

Get metric data for one metric for analysis root only


metricResult = getAnalysisRootMetric(metric_engine,MetricID)


Get metric data from the metric engine where the root of analysis was set using setAnalysisRoot.


metricResult = getAnalysisRootMetric(metric_engine,MetricID) get the metric data from metric_engine, for a specified metric identifier, MetricID, only for the analysis root.

Input Arguments

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When you call execute, metric_engine collects metric data for all available metrics or for the specified MetricID. Calling getMetrics accesses the collected metric data in metric_engine.

Metric identifier for Model Metrics or custom model metrics, that you create. You can get metric identifiers by calling slmetric.metric.getAvailableMetrics.

Example: 'mathworks.metrics.DescriptiveBlockNames'

Output Arguments

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Outputs the object of the slmetric.metric.Result object containing the result data for the requested analysis root and metric.


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This example shows how to set the analysis root, collect, and access the metric data for a metric.

% Create an slmetric.Engine object
metric_engine = slmetric.Engine();

% Specify the model for metric analysis
setAnalysisRoot(metric_engine, 'Root', 'sldemo_fuelsys');

% Collect model metrics for only the analysis root
metricID = 'mathworks.metrics.SimulinkBlockCount';
execute(metric_engine, metricID);

metricResult = getAnalysisRootMetric(metric_engine, metricID);

Introduced in R2017a