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Package: slmetric.metric

Register a custom model metric with the model metric repository


[MetricID,err_msg] = slmetric.metric.registerMetric(classname)



[MetricID,err_msg] = slmetric.metric.registerMetric(classname) register a custom model metric with the model metric repository. The new metric class must be on the MATLAB® search path and derived from slmetric.metric.Metric.


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This example shows how to register a custom model metric.

Create a new metric class, derived from slmetric.metric.Metric, called my_metric.


Finish the custom model metric implementation and testing.

Register the new custom metric in the model metric repository.

[MetricID, err_msg] = slmetric.metric.registerMetric('my_metric');

Input Arguments

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New metric class name.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Unique metric identifier.

Data Types: char

If you cannot register a new class, the function returns an error message.

Data Types: char

Introduced in R2016a