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Prepare Data

Plot, analyze, and preprocess data; remove outliers and other data anomalies

Simulink® Design Optimization™ software estimates model parameters by comparing the measured signal data with simulation data generated from the Simulink model. To perform parameter estimation accurately, you must assign the measured data to correct model ports or signals and preprocess the data to remove any unwanted data points such as outliers or noise.


Parameter EstimatorEstimate model parameters and initial states


sdo.ExperimentSpecify experiment I/O data, model parameters, and initial state values


  • What Is an Experiment?

    To perform parameter estimation, specify measured input and output data as an experiment.

  • Supported Data

    Estimate parameters using time-domain and time-series data.

  • Model Requirements for Importing Data

    Before you can analyze and preprocess the estimation data, you must assign the data to the model ports or signals.

  • Import Data for Parameter Estimation

    Import time-domain or time-series data for parameter estimation.

  • Plot and Analyze Data

    After you import the estimation data, you can remove outliers, smooth, detrend, or otherwise treat the data to prepare for analysis and estimation. To view and analyze data characteristics, plot the data on a time plot.

  • Preprocess Data

    Perform preprocessing operations such as removing offsets and filtering the data before you use it.