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Generate report for requirement set



myReportPath = slreq.generateReport(reqSetList, reportOpts) generates a report for the requirement sets specified by reqSetList using the options specified by reportOpts and returns the path myReportPath to the report.


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% Generate a requirement report in Microsoft(R) Word
% format for all loaded requirement sets

% Get default report generation options structure
myReportOpts = slreq.getReportOptions(); 

% Specify the generated report path and file name
myReportOpts.reportPath = 'L:\My_Project\Reqs_Report.docx';
% Generate the report for all loaded requirement sets
myReport = slreq.generateReport('all', myReportOpts);


To generate reports in PDF and HTML formats, specify a .pdf or a .html file name as the reportPath value.

Input Arguments

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Requirement sets for report generation. You can specify a single requirement set or an array of requirement sets. To generate a report for all the loaded requirement sets, specify 'all' as the reqSetList value. If you do not specify a value for reqSetList, 'all' is used as default.

Report generation options, specified as a MATLAB® structure. If reportOpts is not specified, the report is generated using the default options specified in slreq.getReportOptions.


FieldsData TypeDescription
reportPathcharacter vectorGenerated report path.
titleTextcharacter vectorReport title.
authorscharacter vectorReport authors.
includes.tocBooleanOption to include table of contents in your report.
includes.linksBooleanOption to include requirements links in your report.
includes.rationaleBooleanOption to include requirements rationale in your report.
includes.customAttributesBooleanOption to include requirement set custom attributes in your report
includes.commentsBooleanOption to include requirement comments in your report.
includes.implementationStatusBooleanOption to include requirement implementation status data in your report.
includes.verificationStatusBooleanOption to include requirement verification status data in your report.
includes.keywordsBooleanOption to include requirement implementation status data in your report.
includes.emptySectionsBooleanOption to include empty sections in your report. The report includes empty values for Requirement Type, Custom ID, Summary, and Description properties of your requirements regardless of this setting.
includes.revisionBooleanOption to include requirement revision information in your report.

Output Arguments

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The file path for the generated report, specified as a character vector.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a