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Class: slreq.Requirement
Namespace: slreq

Add comments to requirements


newComment = addComment(req,myComment)


newComment = addComment(req,myComment) adds a comment, myComment, to the requirement req.

Input Arguments

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Requirement, specified as an slreq.Requirement object.

Comment text to add to the requirement, specified as a string scalar or character vector.

Output Arguments

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New comment data, returned as a structure containing these fields:

Name of the individual or organization who added the comment, returned as a character vector.

Date that the comment was added, returned as a datetime object.

Comment revision number, returned as an int32 object.

Comment text, returned as a character vector.


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This example shows how to add comments to requirements.

Load the requirement set basicReqSet.

rs = slreq.load("basicReqSet");

Find the first requirement in the set.

req = find(rs,Index=1);

Add a comment to the requirement.

newComment = addComment(req,"My new comment.");


  • To add comments to referenced requirements, use the addComment method of slreq.Reference. To add comments to justifications, use the addComment method of slreq.Justification. To add comments to links, use the addComment method of slreq.Link.

Alternative Functionality


You can also add a comment by using the Requirements Editor. Select a requirement and, in the right pane, under Comments, click Add Comment.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b